The universe of cinema is endless, with new movies being released every day, as recently as the talk is Pelicula Venom 2 Online, vying for the attention of a larger audience. However, in trying times or just in moments of boredom, most people turn to comfort movies — features that they’ve seen several times than they would care to admit but still don’t hesitate to turn to for that feeling of warmth, fuzziness, or just the comfort in the predictable.

Reddit is a gold mine of cinematic titles that its members keep coming back to, be it at the end of a long, tiring day, or just to play in the background while they go about doing chores and working. These are just some of the most popular comfort movies to tune in to.

This adorable movie about a talented rat chef is so loved, that for some, it’s a weekly watching Venom 2 Pelicula completa. According to bostoncrabsandwich, his girlfriend watches the movie in the background every week, without fail. They say, “She puts it on in the background during whatever she’s working on, regardless of how recently she’s seen it.”

Food is always comforting to many, and watching it on screen can be immensely satisfying, especially if it’s done as beautifully done in one of the best standalone movies by Pixar. An animated Paris is also extremely fun to watch, along with Remy’s passion for all things culinary.

The Marvel comic-based movie, about sweet Scott and his competition with Ramona’s seven deadly exes to woo her, is a fan favorite and also well-loved by viewers who watch it more than once. Redditors like daedric_hooker feel like their brain only wants to absorb the vibrant movie when they’re sick. They say, “I always watch Scott pilgrim vs the world when I’m sick. Don’t know why, just what my brain wants to absorb.”

Another Redditor, YOUR_MORAL_BAROMETER, answered them by saying, “I think it’s because it’s a fairly simple movie to digest yet still being absolutely hilarious and mesmerizing.” And it’s true. The movie is funny, simple and straightforward, with mesmerizing visuals and a lovable lead character with whom many people can relate, so it makes sense that it’s the ultimate comfort movie.

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The Lord of the Rings was full of fantasy and the most powerful beings, and to some, the magic of the movie is the very definition of comfort. Several Redditors agree that it’s the best movie to watch when feeling sick, like clivedied, who says, “When I’m feeling under the weather I lay in bed and watch The Lord of the Rings.”

Venom 2 online po polsku agreed, saying, “When I’m having a really bad day at work, I comfort myself knowing that at the end of the day I can watch Frodo and Co. walk towards Mordor.” There is something sweet and wholesome about the Hobbits and their little speeches before wartime, which makes the movie so rewatchable.

Hayao Miyazaki’s movies are generally surrounded with a welcome shroud of nostalgia for childhood, amazing phantasmagoria, and imaginative storytelling. Howl’s Moving Castle, in particular, is a big favorite of Cthulhu_Fhtagn14, who says, “Spirited Away for me, or Howl’s Moving Castle. Just anything by Miyazaki, really.”

Studio Ghibli movies have an enduring appeal that has surpassed the bounds of time and geography, and the top-notch animation quality, along with heartwarming stories about Japan, make them a universal go-to.

Wes Anderson’s pastel masterpiece, The Grand Budapest Hotel also falls under the category of movies that make you feel fuzzy and warm every time you watch them, at least for one Redditor. The movie is so enchanting, that xalicx just wants to enjoy it under a blanket, all the time. They say, “Grand Budapest Hotel is such a delight, both visually and as a story, so it’s what I flip on with a snug blanket.”

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Espionage, art theft, friendship, high stakes chases and an amazing score by Alexandre Desplat make this movie a gift that keeps on giving. All these elements combine wonderfully to form a piece of art that has a high rewatch value.

The tale of the Boy Who Lived, his epic entrance into Hogwarts, and his annual adventures with Voldemort and other nefarious characters is perhaps one of the most popular stories in the world, with many kids growing up with the movies. No_prehensilizing says, “Whenever ABC Family has Harry Potter marathons I just keep the TV on in the background and drink tea and do work. It’s nice.”

Most fans of the franchise know the series off by heart, and the familiarity of the magical world of wizards, witches, and magical candy could comfort almost anyone.

Disney’s retelling of Rapunzel’s tale hooked viewers from the very beginning, especially since Tangled has characters that are addictive for some, like the handsome Flynn Rider. DChilders6 says, “Tangled. Always puts me in a good mood!”

The movie features some iconic dialogue like, “Mother knows best!” and one deleted Reddit user even admits, “I’m a grown man and Tangled is my comfort movie too.” It seems like the adorable movie is meant for everyone, no matter one’s age, because it’s just that good.

Rom-coms like 500 Days of Summer often find their way on people’s rewatch list, but for different reasons. According to Redditor HorseMeatSandwich, they watch it when they want to stay home and really get in their feelings. They say, “I guess to me it’s a comfort Rodzinka rządzi 2 cały film more in the sense of ‘I’m going to stay home alone today, watch this movie, eat a frozen pizza, and be sad and nostalgic for a while,’ rather than a movie that makes me say ‘I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.'”

This makes sense since the movie doesn’t have a happy ending and leaves the viewers with more of a reality check about how love works in the real world. Feelings go unrequited, people aren’t meant to be, and it shows that it’s best to leave certain relationships behind and remember them for what they were at the time.

Although Disney released the live-action version of Beauty and The Beast, the 1991 animated version is generally much preferred. People love Belle’s sacrifice for her father and her gentle coaxing of the Beast, and rue the trouble that Gaston caused for them all at the end of the movie.

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Abuzzisawesome says, “I’m this way with Beauty and the Beast. I always cry like a b*tch at the end.” People love watching the wholesome story about what different kinds of love, be it paternal, platonic, or romantic, can achieve with its power.

Another Wes Anderson triumph, The Darjeeling Limited is the tale of three brothers and the journey they take together across India to bond and mend their broken relationship for the sake of family. TueTueTue on Reddit says “The Darjeeling Limited. Beautiful movie with beautiful music and beautiful colors. Always gets me.”

As usual, the visuals are stunning and Adrien Brody’s performance gets a special mention whenever the movie comes up. It’s definitely a movie that will engender warmth, emotional reactions, and an appreciation for Anderson’s eye for art and visuals with each subsequent watch.

By Roger