A love deeper than any oceans and mightier than any waves; who would have thought that this is all going to end above waters on a calm and frigid night? Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater, an aristocrat and a proletariat, yet managed to fall deep in love with each other. The two characters proved how the social norms cannot hinder a genuine ardor. Although romantic they may seem, both suffered from the eminent trace of social discrimination. Their overall story just rendered a proof that loving someone can go beyond what is impossible.

Titanic, a movie that is considered as the best representation of a beautiful disaster: captured the hearts of many and illustrated the dark yet vulgar societal norms. The movie mocked the hierarchical system of the people; the rich can loll in luxury while the poor are trapped underneath (jail-like quarters). As the film proceeds, the classism becomes more apparent. People of the first-class are to be found on the upper deck and are lodged in lavish bedrooms. Whilst the lower-class fills up the lower deck with bedrooms supposed for one person yet is cramped by four people. note: To nic, drahá

A disaster is yet to come to the “Unsinkable Ship of Dreams”; the mighty Titanic encountered its antagonist, the infamous ‘iceberg’, colliding with it and now the unsinkable ship has slowly began to be filled with ice-cold water. As the sinking becomes noticeable, the officers were asked to lock the destitute and workers below to drown, when as the too-few lifeboats are occupied by the moneyed. This certain scene just showed the unjustifiable and unreasonable logic of the officials. This whole action of inequality until the end became consistent, wherein the people that almost have lived are left to freeze in the vast waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A seen from these parts the irrational judgement of humans onto how almost the majority perceive the poor as worthless. note:Indián

Apparently the movie is a mirror of our modern day society wherein the one with power and wealth are the only one that can enjoy life of pleasure while the poor can suffer and becomes poorer. First the poor are well-examined before proceeding to the ship, and then followed by their cramped setting and lastly the unjust approach to them until the end. What was supposed to be seen as a feeble attempt to capture the beauty of Titanic became an example of when a dream can turn into a catastrophe. The movie illustrated both the triumph and tragedy associated with the real story behind what happened in the historical event of RMS Titanic. It is like a beautiful painting concealed with a dark and tragic back story. note:Indián

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