“There is no danger that Titanic will sink. The boat is unsinkable and nothing but inconvenience will be suffered by the passengers” (Philip Franklin), these were words that had gone down in the history. Titanic dubbed as the “UNSINKABLE” was ironically foundered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was known as the ship of dreams. Surely, it was. The Titanic movie was considered the second highest grossing film and was directed by James Cameron. It was a dramatization of the ill-fated sinking of the most famous ship in 1912 after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic encompassing the love story of two fictionalizes characters, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater. It focuses on the love story of first class passenger Rose Bukater and a third class passenger Jack Dawson. The gap between the poor and rich and how social class affect one’s live and what the two lovers will for their love despite of social differences was greatly shown in the film.

84 years later after the Unsinkable ship sank; a 100-year-old lady reveals the story of her life set in April 10, 1912 on the ship Titanic when a young lady, Rose Bukater, together with her mother, Ruth Bukater, and fiancĂ©, Caledon Hockley, who belongs in the upper class passengers, boarded in the departing ship. Meanwhile, young boy, Jack Dawson, together with his friend, Fabrizio De Rossi, luckily won third-class tickets to the ship in a game. Jack and Rose met when Rose tries to take her own life by jumping on the deck because she is distraught over her engagement between Caledon Hockley. Rose was discovered with Jack, and she told them that he saved her life that’s why Caledon felt obliged to invite Jack over dinner. Jack realizes that Rose favors him more than Caledon. Rose takes Jack to her room and requested him to sketch her. Caledon went looking for Rose and ended up seeing the sketch together with a note from a Jack and the necklace. Jack and Rose witnessed the collision of the iceberg and the ship and when they came to inform Caledon and the others, Caledon secretly put the necklace in Jack’s pocket and accused him of theft. The ship started to sink and from the lifeboat, Rose flees to save and free Jack. Cal and Jack convinced Rose to board on the lifeboat by Cal claiming that he and Jack can get off safely. As the boat lower, Rose realized that she can’t leave Jack so she jumped back on the ship. Cal couldn’t believe on what Rose did and chases Jack and Rose with a pistol. Cal also realized that the necklace is on the coat he gave to Rose. The boat started to sink and passengers were falling to their deaths. Jack and Rose jumped on the ocean. Jack died of hypothermia and Rose survived.

From the beginning of the movie, the gap between social classes had been observed. The movie is a representation of classes. In the ship itself, shows wherein it was divided into three depending on your class. It shows the different treatments between classes. In the movie, passenger with the same social class should be grouped together. It shows how higher class looks down at the lower class. Like Rose being forbidden to meet with Jack due to social class difference. Despite of this Jack and Rose still breaks the tradition and tries to step in the line between the poor and the rich. Ruth Bukater insists on Rose marrying Caledon Hockley because he is rich and he can help them financially. There is also a scene where Jack was accused of theft, they pointed out his social status for the crime. When the boat is sinking, passengers in the higher class were more likely to survive and were the priority. The lifeboats weren’t filled where it can contain more passengers and can save lives. the lower class were locked up in the bottom of the ship because the upper class were being prioritize to board on the lifeboats. The conflict due to social classes created a love story that conquered everything just to be together until their last breath.

I consider Titanic as one of the best romantic movies of all time. The not-complicated story, characters, special effects and adding the theme song make it more breath taking. It’s not a clichĂ© love story wherein they will have their happily ever after. You can see and feel the huge power of love. This movie really triggers your deepest emotions. I may have watched it many times but it still gives me the thrill and suspense feeling despite of knowing what will happen. The portrayals of the characters were impressive and Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have great chemistry. There are scenes that really cause tears in my eyes even they were just shown for seconds and were not focused on Jack and Rose. It is the scene where the musicians decided come back to their comrade and continues to play music, as well as the scene where two old people were lying on the bed and a mother comforting her two children. It gives me hope that true love really exists and can conquer and overcome everything, even if it means losing your life, just for love. Kudos to everyone who made this movie happens.

By akagami