A partnership between Film Massena and the Massena Public Library will provide filmmaking resources for community members.

Through the partnership, the Massena Public Library purchased more than 20 books to expand its Section 791. The section will feature books about directing, acting, screenwriting, makeup effects, set design and more.

Film Massena Coordinator Elijah Winfrey said the partnership has been in the works since June to provide educational reading materials to the public on how they can become involved in the film industry. He said the partnership will help show that dreams can come true.

Too often people think that in order to make a movie you have to have a Hollywood budget. They don’t realize there are filmmakers out there who are making fantastic films on micro budgets,” Mr. Winfrey said. “Because of this way of thinking, many people with the passion to create unfortunately never do. This partnership will help change that by showing just how obtainable this dream is.

Library Director Elaine Dunne said the library is pleased about the partnership.

Over the last couple of months the library has expanded our collection to include materials suggested by Elijah Winfrey of Film Massena,” she said. “We now have a robust film collection covering topics such as writing for film and TV, documentary filmmaking, movie filmmaking, set building and special effects. We invite anyone interested in filmmaking to come into the library and browse this collection.

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Mr. Winfrey said one of the goals of Film Massena is to entice people to stay local and consider filmmaking. While the group is working to bring independent film productions to Massena and market Massena to outside independent film companies, they’re also looking to develop filmmakers from the area.

Every year our schools put on high-quality musicals and the talent in those productions is outstanding. Our hope is we can convince those kids to stay local and add filming to their list of talents,” he said. “I believe part of convincing them is showing that the resources to learn about the skill of filming are right here in their backyard.

By akagami