“Women and children only!” shouts the ship’s authority during the evacuation from the sinking Titanic. The ship, labeled before the incident in the Atlantic to be unsinkable, became so proud from the praises people gave her (the Titanic; sailors consider ships as feminine), and so tried to defy an iceberg but was put to demise. “Women and children only,” and that’s how the movie presented the Gentlemen of Titanic who gave the women and youth the thing I call, ‘super power’, which most women do not consider a power over men. This feminist approach wants gender equality but I say, let the gentlemen do their kindness because they would like to treasure what they consider a gift from God; “this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man” (Gen 2:23). Though many overly conscious people would consider kindness to be underestimating one’s ability, more of like pride, the review will focus on the act of gentlemen of those years.

Although the recovery of the famed diamond by the hunters in the shipwreck was a failure, it gave them the chance to meet Rose and have her tell them the story of love and tragedy by boarding the Titanic. Love, Rose was to commit a suicide then but the stranger Jack made her drawback by saving her, which lead to the first close contact between them; being on the top of Rose when seen by the guards, he was suspected of doing sexual harassment. Family, or maybe wealth, was the reason Rose was to marry his fiancé; an order given to her by her mother. Intimacy, Rose was able to drag Jack in her naughtiness, prank, adventure, and quest. Tragedy, the massive ship hit an iceberg so everyone were asked to board the boats with the special condition, women and children only, whatever social standing you have. note:Jan Žižka

There is nothing much to compare from how the hunter in the first part handled with hospitality, guiding off the helicopter, checking on the cabin, the old Rose and how the people of the 1900s Titanic handled their women. The massive ship Titanic was conditioned by the sailors to run smoothly but not at maximum speed; an act of care, for her, and for the boarding people, was put to null by the higher up’s request to speed up. A gentleman Jack was manifested through his emotional care towards a suicidal woman, a lonely woman, caged, away from the happiness originating from non-luxurious things; in which, on the other hand, her fiancé’s way of showing love in the form of a diamond necklace. A natural instinct to care for women was manifested on how the guards acted with the scene of Jack atop Rose, as well as acknowledgement of their talents showcased on the lower level deck of ordinary people doing a party. Lastly, having them feel how important they are, again, “women and children”, youth will grow up to manage the world soon and men were full aware that they are not good on raising children thus, respects the strengths of the opposite gender, whom some are activists to promote a workplace for women similar with men; a thing gentlemen may not allow because of the sensitive nature of the female body. note:After: Pouto

What thing in the story made me like is the few, if not zero, showcase of being against of women to a man’s kindness; a lesson that we must acknowledge today, in which equality is more prioritized than justice. I do believe that kindness should not be taken negatively, for both sexes of course. Because by acknowledging what each other can and cannot do, we fulfill one another’s empty space, leading us to live in harmony with each other; ‘no man is an island’. Salute to those gentlemen of good intentions, and congratulations for the appropriate actions set by the author to these gentlemen which showcased the world. To end, as how Jack gave Rose freedom from loneliness and family burden, as well as how Rose let Jack feel to be her hero, I’ll be leaving this quote from One Piece: “Everyone has things that they can and cannot do. I’ll do what you can’t do and you do what I can’t do.” note:After: Pouto

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