In an attempt to encourage students to diversify and break out of education rat race, city-based theatre group and casting house Sutradhar is working on a bilingual feature film, Music School.

Not all of today’s children aim just to become doctors or engineers, but they are still cracking under the pressure of an education system which forces them to rote-learn equations and theorems.

In an attempt to encourage them to diversify and break out of this age-old rat race, city-based theatre group and casting house Sutradhar is working on a bilingual feature film, Music School. The movie, which has several big names from the industry on board, will promote sports and the arts, highlight issues that students face and why many are unable to pursue their passion for music and drama.

Actors Shriya Saran and Sharman Joshi, along with singer Shaan, will star in it. The supporting cast includes actors Suhasini Mulay, Benjamin Gilani, Prakash Raj and actor-theatre director Vinay Varma. Telugu comedian Brahmanandam, Mona Ambegaokar, Gracie Goswami and Ozu Barua are also part of the project.

Cinematographer Kiran Deohans, best known for her work in Jodhaa Akbar, will shoot the film. Music School will also include Hyderabad-based actors such as Ramakrishna Shenoy, C Suresh Kumar, Phani Eggone, Mangala Bhatt, Surabhi Prabhavati, Monto Irfan, Tanmayi Rao and Vivaan Jain.

Shaan will play the ex-boyfriend of lead actor Shriya Saran, and also sing on screen. “Besides them, several child actors will get the opportunity to showcase their acting skills,” says Vinay, the founder of Sutradhar. Working with the team for over four years now, he is not only acting but also contributing behind the camera.

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Music School is being produced and directed by Papa Rao Biyyala, a former bureaucrat who has also written the story and screenplay. The film is a musical, with 12 songs composed by Ilaiyaraaja. “Three of these are from the classic Hollywood movie Sound of Music, for which the producer has acquired the rights from its filmmakers,” Vinay says.

The film will go on floors from November 15, with the song sequences scheduled to be filmed in Goa and Hyderabad. Choreographer Adam Murray is rehearsing with the actors of Sutradhar. The film’s shooting is likely to be wrapped by February 2022, says Vinay, who is all excited about the project.

By akagami