You will find the proof of the quote in the movie – Missing (2016). It is the story of two strong mothers -a divorced mother who is struggling to keep her daughter’s custody and a mother who just lost her child.

The film starts with two mothers – one came home in a rush and went to her workroom for writing the script to meet the deadline. Another mother who worked as a nanny for the child Do-eun took the child as she approached her busy working mother. After completing the script, she went to see her daughter and found her sleeping in the lap of the nanny.

The next day, she went to work and before leaving she gave the salary to the babysitter and also gave a gift and said:

“I bought one while getting mine.” – the universal picture of working mother who tried hard to make the babysitters happy so that the nanny can take care her child.

Another harsh reality is found when the boss of the working mother scolded her by telling:

” I heard you were late because of your daughter. That is why I hate working with moms.”

However, after passing that busy day, the working mother came and found the empty home. She went to the police officer to inform the missing child. But when she realised that the incident would create another trouble as she was ordered to hand over the child to her mother-in-law because of her financial condition, she left the station by telling that she found the child. She tried to contact the nanny over the phone and contact the women who introduced her with the nanny. Finally, she understood that Her Child is not missing rather she is taken by the nanny. So, she went to the police for complaint, but they thought that the mother planned the incident to take the custody of Do-eun and started interrogating. She secretly left the police station to find out her child. As the plot develops, we reveal the inner motherhood of two strong women.

The Working Mother:

Do you remember the Box-office Hit Hollywood Movie series Taken? Do you remember the retired CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) father whose daughter is kidnapped by the sex traffickers? So, to get her back, the father did everything. As the father was skilled enough regarding these issues, he successfully managed to protect her.

But in the movie Missing, the mother did not have such skill like the father of taken. She is just a simple working mother who tried hard for her livelihood. She spent her half incomes to the nanny.

But she has one plus point- ” the unconditional and sacred love of a mother” that helps her to find the daughter before the police came at that point. She went to track the nanny and found the secret past story of the nanny.

The nanny mother who lost her Child:

This is absolutely the nice creation of the director. The role is acted by the famous actress Gong Hyo Jin. Her acting is mind-blowing.

She is the mother who did everything for saving her child Jane. Her daughter needed liver biopsy which is very costly. She sacrificed her to the mouth of hungry and lustful wolves. She even put herself under the knives for collecting money. In the end, she lost her child.

The use of flashback techniques in the movie is excellent. You did not need to struggle hard to realise the story.

To me, the best scene is when the poor mother was kicked out with her child and the working mother got the same bed for her child who was suffering from pneumonia. As the father of De-eun was a rich and influential doctor, he told the authority to kick the poor mother. This is the best scene in the movie that depicts an angry mother who looked at a smiling rich mother.

Out of vengeance, the poor mother planned to kidnapped Do-eun. When the rich mother found the nanny and Do-eun, the nanny told:

“This is no Do-eun. It’s Jane.”

So, who got the baby finally? For that, You have to watch the baby.

One of the best sceneries of the movie is when we saw the poor pregnant mother at the end of the movie singing:

“So Pretty

Mommy’s Home is so pretty

The fall here is just as pretty

My baby

You’ll always see, hear pretty thing,

I’ll make sure of it

You’ll be the happiest baby in the world,

I’ll make that happen,

I love you, my child.”

… I think this is the wish of every mother around the world.

Finally, the movie ends with love towards one mother to another. In the end, you will find the female kinship that blurred the power of vengeance.

People say love is an abstract thing that cannot be seen or touch. I also believe that except its one form – the love of mothers. I believe that a mother’s love is not abstract rather it is a living example of the sacred feeling called love. A mother’s love can be seen in the tears of the mother or the face of a mother when she is anxious about her kids.

By akagami