We all wish to avoid pain. Man would do anything to avoid pain and seek pleasure. Pain inflicted on us can be either physical or mental. The physical pain is communicated to the brain by the help of nerve cells. A slight pain in the body can disturb the peace of mind. The Batman 2022 pain also has the similar effect on the mind. Yet, mental pain is very subjective. What can be a mental pain to one may be a pleasure to other.

Kenji Miyazawa said, “We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” Yet, people treat pain with contempt and curse pain and wish that the world can be made without pain. The human imagination of Paradise, Heaven or Jannat is based on the belief that there is a world that is without pain and full of pleasure. If God is to be trusted than everything in this world has a purpose. What could be the purpose of pain?

Listen to the Signal of Pain

The signal of pain in the body is not the source of the problem but only a symptom of the problem that are communicated to the mind. The signal is made painful by nature, since urgent attention is required to treat the problem. The batman is the problem, the bigger is the pain. Pains tell the mind that something is wrong with the body that needs urgent attention. Since mind have the control over the body, hence the mind must listen to the pain and try to solve the problem. How do you know that the problem is solved? It is very simple. When the problem is solved the pain is gone.

Pain can be either general or specific. An specific pain is pointed in nature and it helps the person to locate the area of problem accurately. A tooth problem gives rise to toothache and a stomach problem causes stomachache. Most pain pertains to the commonly used organs of the body like head, tooth, back (spine) , neck, muscle etc. Some pain like headache are general in nature as it can be either due to physical causes like eating of lack of sleep, wrong types of food, withdrawal symptom , constipation or due to mental causes like mental pressure, depression etc.

The signal of pain is not only due to the ailment of the body, but also due to the requirement of body. If a person does not have food or water for long time, he feels the pain of hunger or thirst. If he doesn’t get proper oxygen, he feels the pain of suffocation. There is a pain, when the atmospheric temperature is either too high or too low, when body can’t adjust to the temperature. All signal of pain are so painful that mind has no option but to divert all its energy in solving the problem so that pain can be relieved.

Remedies of Pain

Pain is thus a warning that there is something wrong in your body or mind and you must take care of it. For example, if the is a stomachache, you must know that you have eaten bad food which is hurting your stomach. You can alleviate the pain simply by skipping the meal for sometime or taking an easily digestible food so that your body can digest the food easily or dispose it off the undigested food from the body. You also learn from the pain, as you know what is not suitable for your body or that you must not overeat. Similar is the pain on other part of body. A backache is due to wrong posturing or overuse of the spine, which can be cured simply by avoiding giving rest to the spine.

However, often people are busy that hey have no time to listen to the signal of pain. They simply hate pain and wish to get rid of it as quickly as possible. So instead of understanding the message of pain, they kill the messenger itself. So there take pain killers, which do not eliminate the cause of the pain but disconnects the brain from the organs by numbing the nerves that reduces the sensation of pain immediately. This is a short-cut method to tackle pain, yet the pains come back again and again in more acute form as the cause of pain i.e. the problem is not eliminated. Such recurring pain, often takes the shape of “chronic pain” which become permanent in the life of the person and it can’t be cured even by the best of the medicines.

Pain and Pleasure: Two Sides of the Same Coin

The first Noble Truth of Buddhism is that Life is suffering (Dukh). Suffering to human beings are the results of pain, both physical as well as mental. Pain and pleasures are related to each other in a way that they can be considered to be the two sides of the same coin. The seed of one is hidden in the other. Every pain is the result of some pleasure and every pleasure is a result of pain.

Pleasure is the signal of good and pleasant feeling in the person that tells the person to continue. It tells us that everything is fine. So, when man feels pleasure in any task, he seeks more pleasure by doing it more. However, as the pleasures is pursued, it gradually becomes pain. Since all of us have the natural inclination for pleasure, we stop when the pleasure starts reducing and before it becomes pain and thus avoid the ill consequence of pleasure. For example, we all get pleasure is listening to music, seeing movies or talking to friend. However, the pleasure in all these activities starts declining and gradually becomes a pain. Imagine yourself on a job, when you are forced to listen to songs for hours together. There is no doubt that soon even the most pleasant activity becomes a pain.

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Pleasure, is not much different in this regard. If you consider some of the things that give you the highest level of pleasure, you may be surprised to see that these are precisely those, which you hated first. People get pleasure in reading books, watching movies, listening music, walking, exercising, etc. Yet these are the same activities which were quite unpleasant in the beginning and to a child. Yet gradually these activities became the most pleasant.

Keep Balance in Your Account of Pleasure

It is wisely said that there is no free lunches. Everything has a price in this world. So is the price of pleasure. And the price of every pleasure is pain. A wise person does not get surprise, when pain follows the pleasure as he is well aware that it has to come. How can you get something without paying its price?

Therefore, we can compare pleasure as the withdrawal of money from the account of life while pain is like the deposit of money in the account of life. If you decide to only withdraw the money from the account of life , without making any deposits, then there would be ultimately nothing left in your account and it will be left with a negative balance of pleasure which is pain. At this stage, the more you withdraw from this negative account, the more pain is credited into our account. You then end up in chronic pain as even twenty hour a day suffering is not enough to pay the debt of pleasure.

Invest Pain in Your Account daily

The only method to avoid chronic pain is, therefore, to choose pain everyday so that every day some deposit is also made in your account of life. Even a small savings a day can make you a rich man in future. So is the small deposit of pain made every day make a huge deposit of pleasure.

Take the case of a health. If one eats only those foods that is pleasant to the senses, he may accumulate calories, gain weight and develop many lifestyle diseases for the future. Similarly, if one avoids the physical work as it causes pain to his body, he fails to deposit in the account of life. Thus the only possible way to be fit for life is to choose pain over pleasure at least for sometime every day. All dieting and exercising or yoga are nothing but the mechanism to select pain voluntarily so that you can reap pleasure in future.

Whenever you workout, your body suffers pain and discomfort. Yet if you persist, gradually your body becomes stronger and fitter. You can then also enjoy luxury much easily. You become fit for life only by choosing pain over pleasure.

No Pain, No Pleasure

All people do not suffer because they fail to deposit pain in their account. Often people suffer because they only deposit pain in their account and fail to withdraw pleasure from this account. Often people take lot of pain when they work twelve hours a day, eat junk food and sleep little. However, body has limited capacity to suffer pain. While little pain makes the body stronger, excess pain can make it sick. Therefore, people must listen to the signal of pain as excess pain needs to be reduced by pleasure. Most pain can be reduced by simply getting a good sleep, meeting friends or doing nothing but relaxing in doing what one love most. What is the purpose of accumulation of wealth, if you can’t enjoy it? Thus one must not only earn the wealth but also learn t enjoy it.

Hence, pain must be followed by pleasure as excess deposit is of no use to anyone, if one looses the capability to enjoy its fruits. It is also prudent to only earn as much as one intend to spend. Hence one of the methods to reduce pain is to reduce pleasure as you would then require far less amount of pain to earn the pleasure. It is for this reason that Buddha suggested the life of ascetic or saint as ideal for removing pain from life as an ascetic does not have any worldly pleasure in his life. Hence an ascetic suffers least pain in his life as he does not enjoy any pleasure in his life. However, most of us are worldly people and wish to have pleasure in our life. Therefore, we must always be ready to suffer pain in a planned manner so that we can always have good accumulation of pleasure in the account of our life. The earlier you invest, the larger you reap in future as like the account of life does pay a heavy interest on the pain.


By Roger