According to The Legend, the man with the most knowledge about Supes in the entire The Boys universe, only one hero is a real powerhouse besides Homelander: Queen Maeve. In the comic book series, the man who helped create the narrative around The Seven and made them beloved figures to the general public admitted that Queen Maeve and Homelander were the true heavyweights on the team while specifically calling out Lamplighter and Black Noir for not being as tough.

In The Boys comic book series, Homelander is billed as the most powerful hero on the planet, as his Superman-esque abilities are only brought down by his severe insecurity when it comes to being loved and respected. However, Black Noir is actually the stronger hero, as the Homelander clone would be the Supe responsible for killing the leader of The Seven. But, with the general public not knowing about Black Noir’s true identity, The Legend, who wrote comics that shaped public opinion of The Seven, admitted Queen Maeve is the other powerhouse on the team besides Homelander.

In The Boys #21 by Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson, Simon Bowland, and Tony Avina, The Legend, who helped Vought-American pen the comic book stories that served as PR for The Seven, reveals the incident on 9/11 involving Homelander and the team. After admitting he didn’t understand how Black Noir survived the incident, he shares that Homelander and Queen Maeve are considered the team’s heavyweights while throwing shade at Lamplighter.

Is Queen Maeve on the same level as Homelander? The answer is, unfortunately, no. While Maeve is a powerful Supe in her own right, whose powers make her The Seven’s version of Wonder Woman, she stood no chance against Homelander during her final stand against him. So yes, while Queen Maeve might have been the second-in-command regarding crucial decision makers on the team and kicks considerable ass, she’s not in the same league as Homelander. Nobody is, well, besides Black Noir. However, that doesn’t mean she’s not a heavy hitter.

Queen Maeve unquestionably plays a valuable role on The Seven, and by the end of The Boys, she’s one of the few Supes with a conscience, as she saves Starlight by taking on Homelander before dying herself. The Supe is considered one of the team’s heavy hitters because she earned the title with her incredible powers and genuine acts of heroism. Ultimately, that’s why in The Boys, The Legend considers Queen Maeve near the same level as Homelander when it comes to the team’s biggest weapons.

By akagami