A love story that started in a ship that is fated of wreckage. A 100-year old Rose DeWitt Bukater reminiscing the past of her experience in the Titanic and tells about it to her grandchildren. Rose was one of the first-class passenger of the Titanic along with her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater and her fiancé Caledon Hockley who was picked by her mother for her to marry. Rose does not agree that she is going to marry one person that is not emotionally connected to her in any way. Rose is very angry about the decision that was made by her mother and not thinking about what she feels and her opinion on the arrange engagement of her to Caledon.

Rose then decided to end her life by jumping off the ship but Jack Dawson who is a third-class passenger that obtained his ticket by winning in a game saved her life and soon became her love interest. In this event Caledon is then obliged to invite Jack to a first-class dinner. As the night is lively Rose then collaborates and interacts with the third-class passengers which her mother forbids her to do. Rose then asks Jack who is a very good painter to paint her nude in a private room wearing the priceless diamond necklace that was given to her by Caledon. Caledon then finds out of the intimate event that Rose and Jack shared and ordered that Jack should be locked up in a room.

Soon afterwards, the Titanic hits a gigantic iceberg that resulted in the major damage of the ship’s interior and exterior parts. Rose must find Jack before the ship sinks and she had a hard time finding Jack in the climax of the sinking ship. Jack then hears Rose as she utters his name out loud then Jack responded by calling her name too. As jack was alone in the room, Rose then barged in to the room seeing that Jack is handcuffed in a tube. Desperate in finding a way to free Jack from his handcuffs, Rose then finds an axe that she used to break and slice through the handcuffs. They started their adventure to get up top on the ship’s deck in order to survive the disastrous event. Rose and Jack finally got to the base of the ship and witnessed and experienced the event as the Titanic sank.

Both of them were swimming in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean as they wait for rescue, Jack then finds a door which is buoyant enough to support Rose’ weight and ordered her to climb up to it sacrificing his safety for Rose. They both drifted onto the sea, as the rescuers were nearing the couple, Rose then tries to wake up Jack from the water, Jack did not respond to her calls then Rose soon finds out that Jack died from the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean due to Hypothermia. Rose then is considered as one of the survivors of the tragic event then lived to tell her story to her grandchildren as she enjoys another voyage in the sea. She throws the priceless diamond to the sea symbolizing her farewell to the memories of the event to her life.

As the story progresses, we see the unconditional love that Rose and Jack displayed, it can be applicable that Marxism is present in the story for there is discrimination of the poor and the rich. Rose was born rich because of the hard work of her parents while Jack is only an artist and a painter on the streets of London. Rose’ mother didn’t want Jack as her daughter’s love interest and she forbids Rose get near him. note:Kde zpívají

It is also shown that the first-class passengers had more privileges than the third-class passengers. Caledon then amplifies the discrimination by sending Jack to an isolated room then locks him up with the use of handcuffs, this shows that the social status of Jack is being abused in the film because he is one of the third-class passengers. Imagine if Jack was one of the first-class, then Caledon will lose the power to send him to that room. It is evident that the poor are stepped on and the rich are given attention to. note:Avatar

The story is quite unique but at the same time cliché, this film enabled me to understand that love has no boundaries and it can lead you to do unimaginable things. We all know that love can travel great distances and it can even drive you crazy, these two proved that love is truly unconditional as they show us throughout the film. We should not solely think of the social status of a person in loving that person period, Rose portrayed that social status is something that doesn’t matter in this world. note:Kde zpívají

We can’t determine one’s worth solely by their social status. Another thing is, social discrimination should be erased from this world because judging a person by his/her social status is unfair. This is just like racism but it more in depth of the concept of giving more privileges to the rich rather than the poor. This is evident in our society right now which enable people to think that social status is all that matters. There is a term called ‘social climbers’ today, and they are tricking people of thinking that their social status is high in order for people to think highly of them, in this way they find it pleasing that people acknowledge then for what they are not, they simply pretend to have what they don’t have. It’s better to be honest than to be fake. note:Avatar

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