Deep on the bottom of the sea, some 3800 meters below the surface of the freezing Atlantic Ocean, lies the wreckage of a ship. Brock Lovett, a modern treasure hunter, seeks for a diamond. When Rose Calvert knew Brock’s intentions, she decided to share more precious than a diamond, it is a heartbreaking memory scarred forever in Rose’s soul. RMS Titanic is going to America, and Jack Dawson, a kindhearted homeless gambler, won tickets to join the trip. Rose and Jack met each other on the ship, and there, they started their own love story. They have their own problem to deal with. Rose faces a fixed marriage upon landing on America which she wants to escape while Jack figures out his next move after leaving the ship. In the middle of their enjoying moments the ship hit an iceberg. The ship sank gradually, slow enough to put passengers on the emergency boat. But then, there are few boats to fill so the authorities prioritized the high-class passengers and left behind the rest. Rose survived but Jack didn’t, just like most of the second and third class passengers.

Considering the Marxist criticism approach, the authority shown a social injustice. The poor is their least priority of saving. In the movie, emergency boats are few but they still gave a lot of free space on the boats to fill the “standards” of these high-class passengers. “Don’t worry son, after the high class people are safe, the authorities will comeback for us.” -a third-class mother. Realizing a thought, she knew that they will be no time for them to be saved, but chose to let her child feel safe and worthy even if the authority didn’t. Looking unto another perspective, Jack Dawson himself suffered social injustice. Since he was poor and homeless, he was treated like one by Caledon Hockley and his comrades. Nevertheless, Jack truly loved Rose which made him worthy of her. Such scenes in the movie depicts how poverty kills and how richness saves people. And these are very evident in the movie.

Titanic is overall an exceptional film. It truly gave feelings to its viewers as if the viewers were there. The cinematography, music, songs, blockings were advantageous to the greatness of the movie. The actors gave effective portrayal to their roles and made the audience feel deeper emotions. The plot sequence was also transitioned appropriately. The ending song “Heart will Go On” left behind a message to all of its viewers, which is to love and remember but accept the reality and move on. The authority made mistakes treating the passengers unequally, hopefully now no mistakes will be further made. These departed passengers will be here in our hearts and our hearts will go on and on.

By akagami