SEOUL – Shin Hye Sun got an offer to star in the drama Wax Doll. The news was later confirmed by the actress’ agency, YNK Entertainment, on February 18, 2022.

“Wax Doll is one of the projects that approached Shin Hye Sun. Currently, she is considering the offer,” YNK Entertainment said in a statement, quoted from Soompi, Sunday (20/2/2022).

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information regarding Waxx Doll and what character the 32-year-old actress will play in the drama. Previously, the actress Mr. The queen was also offered to star in the drama See You in My 19th Life.

The drama was adapted from a webtoon by Lee Hey, which tells the story of a woman named Ban Ji Eum who has the ability to remember all of her past lives. In her 19th life, she is destined to be reunited with the man from her previous life.

But interestingly, Ji Eum must compete with Yun Ju Won, her past self, to get the man. The drama See You in My 19th Life will be directed by Lee Na Jung, the director behind the popular drama, Fight for My Way.

If Shin Hye Sun chooses one of these dramas, then this will be her latest project after the success of Mr. Queen, in early 2021. The drama was listed as one of the most popular dramas on cable TV with the highest rating reaching 17.37 percent.


By Roger