A Florida teacher’s airing of the R-rated movie “Alexander” in front of her class has become the focus of a criminal investigation.

The educator, who has not been identified, remains on administrative leave from Niceville High School while the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and the Okaloosa County School District review the circumstances surrounding the film being shown to a Classical Studies class.

“It is an active investigation that has been assigned to investigations,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Michele Nicholson said in an email.

Deputy Superintendent Steve Horton also confirmed that an internal investigation initiated in late September is continuing. He said an update will be provided at the conclusion of the investigation.

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With the case classified as active, the Sheriff’s office and district declined to release documentation or discuss the nature or focus of the ongoing investigation.

Cara Marion told the board she first learned about “Alexander” two weeks ahead of the board’s meeting when her 15-year-old daughter told her a teacher had shown her class a movie she found to be very inappropriate.

Marion said she had watched the movie herself and found it to contain no educational content. She said students who had seen “Alexander” saw exposed male genitalia, domestic violence, sexual acts and rape scenes.

By akagami