MCU Phase 4 is just beginning, but Marvel Studios is already teasing a new Avengers team for Phase 5. After the events of Avengers: Endgame concluded the three Phases that composed the MCU’s Infinity Saga, the original Avengers lineup is now a matter of the past. Stopping Thanos was a necessity and everyone who wanted him gone contributed to the cause, but it wasn’t revealed what the Avengers’ plan moving forward was. Threats to the MCU multiverse don’t end with the Mad Titan, so a new Avengers team will certainly be needed.

Spider-Man: Far From Home gave a sense of where some of the most notable heroes are several months after Endgame. Both Thor and Captain Marvel are off-world, for instance. WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye provided a look at some of the Avengers’ lives in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, introducing Billy and Tommy Maximoff, Elijah Bradley, and Kate Bishop as a new generation of potential new Avengers along the way. But looking at the MCU’s upcoming projects, the franchise will focus mainly on standalone stories, with no announcement yet for Avengers 5.

It might be too early to set up a new Avengers team, but it’s worth remembering that back in Phase 1, Marvel Studios made it clear that they were building toward The Avengers via Iron Man’s post-credits scene. Phase 4 hasn’t delivered such a direct set-up, but it has introduced key heroes such as Shang-Chi, Monica Rambeau, Sersi, Dane Whitman, and the aforementioned members of the Young Avengers, not to mention Sam Wilson’s transformation into Captain America and Wanda Maximoff’s transformation into Scarlet Witch. All the pieces of the puzzle are there, so how will the MCU assemble its new Avengers?

How Phase 4 Sets Up A New Avengers Team

Phase 4 movies and shows haven’t been shy when it comes to setting up future storylines, crossovers, and teams, despite the absence of an Avengers 5 project. For instance, the appearance of White Vision in WandaVision and Hawkeye’s reference to Kate Bishop’s aunt Moira Brandon open the possibility of the West Coast Avengers in the MCU. With only Hulkling left to introduce, all of the main members of the Young Avengers are ready to assemble for the first time in an MCU movie or Disney+ series. And with Blade confirmed to be teaming up with Dane Whitman aka Black Knight, it’s possible that they will join forces with Doctor Strange and Moon Knight to establish their own team, the Midnight Sons. On a more villainous note, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is gathering the members of her own super team, which may be called “the Thunderbolts,” and so far includes US Agent and Yelena Belova. The group could also add Baron Zemo and Taskmaster. After the events of The Marvels, Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau, and Kamala Khan could splinter into two Phase 5 teams, with the former two forming the A-Force and the latter joining the Champions.

In short, the future of the MCU may follow more than one new Avengers team. Instead, it could introduce many smaller teams that will try to follow the legacy of the original Avengers. That doesn’t mean the MCU won’t have one main team for Avengers 5, however, as Bruce Banner is personally training Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk and Wong has officially welcomed Shang-Chi to the superhero business. The question, then, is not if there will be a new Avengers team, but when will Phase 5 present the first ensemble project.

Will MCU Phase 5 Have Avengers 5?

What’s still unclear is the new overarching narrative for the MCU moving forward. After the Infinity Saga, the franchise may eventually build toward a massive Phase 4 villain reveal — an adversary so powerful it will require everyone’s hands on deck in Avengers 5. This could, however, still be quite some time off. The MCU has a string of really interesting antagonists that could easily rival Thanos’ power, like Kang the Conqueror. However, the current focus is establishing its heroes one by one, so by the time they assemble as Avengers in Phase 5, they’re already fleshed-out characters. There are still many MCU projects coming to Disney+ and theaters before the inevitable Avengers 5 is even announced. It’s likely that one or more smaller teams will come together before that happens. So far, the only confirmed MCU team that will star in their own movie is the Fantastic Four, who appear to serve as the bridge before Phase 4 and Phase 5.

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