It has been 36 years since we strapped into a jet with US Navy pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell with his need for speed in Tony Scott’s quintessential ‘80s movie Top Gun, but it seems like the general population’s love of high-octane action drama is burning hotter and brighter than ever before. This could be due to great storytelling, flight sequences, and the career-defining performance by Tom Cruise, or it could be due to the fact that the long-awaited Top Gun: Maverick has finally been released.

If you are one of the many that helped Cruise achieve the biggest opening weekend of his career with the sequel and are planning to take to the skies once more by watching the original movie before the hype dies down, then you have come to the right place. Below is everything you need to know about how to watch the original Top Gun streaming and by other methods now that the film is no longer on Netflix after previously winning the platform’s Top 10. Let’s suit up!

A movie as big as Top Gun can’t be contained to a single streaming service (for now, anyway). So, it should come as no surprise that you can watch Maverick take his renegade attitude and impressive skills behind the yoke of his F/A-18 Super Hornet to the not-so-friendly skies on two of the more popular streaming services around today. The blockbuster is one of the best movies on Amazon Prime at the moment and will likely remain one of the best movies on Paramount+ for a while since the platform’s flagship company distributed the classic in 1986. So, if you have either an Amazon Prime Video subscription or a Paramount+ subscription, you are well on your way to watching the beloved classic in all its glory.

Streaming isn’t the only way you can enjoy Top Gun from home. In fact, there are a number of different routes you can take on your journey revisiting one of the best action movies of all time.If you have a 4K Blu-ray player and you’re looking for something to push it to the limit, you should pick up a copy of Top Gun on 4K UHD and take in all the action like never before.

As is the case for all films distributed by Paramount Pictures these days, Top Gun: Maverick is expected to make its streaming debut on Paramount+. There is no confirmed release date at the moment, but considering the 45-day window that previous theatrical films like A Quiet Place Part II have been given before premiering on the platform, you might want to keep an eye out for it sometime in July.In the meantime, you could also stream Tom Cruise and James Corden’s Top Gun Training on Paramount+(opens in new tab) to cure your need for speed (and a good laugh, perhaps). The 27-minute featurette sees the actor take the Late Late Show host for a couple spins in the air.

With the release of one of the most highly anticipated 2022 movies finally here, now is the perfect time to revisit where it all began by watching Top Gun streaming.


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