Didn’t expect Quick Response (QR) Code technology to be used for entry requirements to malls or cinemas. We, who have been following its development since 2020, are very enthusiastic about this change.

The first time we ended up going to the mall. And also the first time to enter the Mall.

It’s a shame because on the weekend, especially in October 2021, there are a lot of films that will be showing in theaters, one of which is Venom 2 Pelicula Completa in Latin Spanish.

The Venom 2 online latino itself is trending in US cinemas after its release on October 1 last.

Venom 2 pelicula online gratis is one of the most popular Marvel comic characters in the world.

Starting from children, teenagers, to adults, not a few are fans of Venom.

Because of that, Venom pelicula completa finally officially got his solo film which was released in 2018.

After the success of its first film, Venom 2 Gratis, which has the official title Venom: Let There Be Carnage, was finally released by Sony Pictures three years later.

Sony Pictures itself has released the new Venom 2 film since October 1, 2021 or a day ago.

On that date, this giant film company released Venom 2 in a number of cinemas in several countries around the world, except in Chile.

The popular film Venom 2 has not yet been released in chile on that date, although Sony has confirmed that Venom 2 will be released in latin america.

Before watching the movie Venom 2 in theaters, it’s good to know the synopsis of this film.

Then, what is the synopsis of the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage? Let’s continue on the next page.

Venom 2 online gratis repelis still tells the story of the journey of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), with the Venom symbiote in his body.

In this second sequel, Eddie Brock and Venom will meet a ruthless villain named Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson).

Cletus Kasady is a psychopath who because of his crime of killing many people, he is in prison.

Judging from the Venom 2 trailer which was released some time ago, it seems that Cletus and Eddie have known each other before.

However, there is a conflict between the two so Eddie and Venom end up fighting Cletus.

Furthermore, Cletus here also turns out to have a symbiote lodged in his body called Carnage.

Just like Venom in Eddie Brock’s body, the Carnage symbiote in Cletus’ body also gives extraordinary power.

Because they both have symbiotes, there is a great and quite balanced battle between the two.

More complete stories about conflicts, battles, dramas, and so on about Venom 2, will be available when the film is released in Latin America.

Then, when will Venom 2 be released in latin america? Let’s continue on the next page.

Based on the monitoring of the team, until now there are still no cinemas in the country that have announced the official release date of the Venom 2 film.

But from the rumors circulating, the movie Venom 2 will soon be shown in a number of cinemas next week.

To be precise, rumors circulating widely in the public stated that the Venom 2 film would be released on October 6, 2021.

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Even so, this is still just a rumor so the truth cannot be ascertained.

The view of the QR Code board near the entrance with a guard is a new sight this year. Visitors inevitably have to prepare their application before their steps arrive in front of the check-in board. Instead of bothering yourself, especially when the internet connection is suddenly slow.

App Care protect

At first glance, reading about the article on the Protect application that is ready to become a payment instrument, we think that the application maker will lose the durian or make a big profit. But I don’t know, we’ll have to wait for it to happen.

The Protect application is currently the only official application, which is used to be able to access places such as malls, cinemas and others.

One of the capabilities of the QR Code technology in the Protect application is to notify the user’s status through color.

The green color means that the user has been fully vaccinated and can access public facilities. While yellow means that the first dose has been vaccinated and can carry out activities with prior verification.

The red color category is for users who have not been vaccinated or have close contact with Covid-19. While the black color is for users who have not been vaccinated and have close contact with Covid-19.

So you can be sure, you will be rejected if you have not allowed the colors, namely green and yellow.

6 Sector

It turns out that there are 6 sectors that take advantage of the Protect application in terms of screening. This is to add information if you are confused about access.

  1. Trade (shopping center, modern market and traditional market)
  2. Transportation (land, sea, air)
  3. Tourism (hotels, restaurants, events/shows)
  4. Office/Factory (government, private, bank, big factory)
  5. Religion (mosques, churches, monasteries, temples, religious activities)
  6. Education

We got annoyed when we entered the cinema because we had to check-in twice. Even though the first check-in also uses the Protect application when entering the mall. The point is the same and represents. I don’t know why so double check-in.

But that’s the procedure, we can’t do anything. Including protests. The most important thing is that through this page we know that QR Code technology continues to develop from time to time.

What will it be used for in the future?



By Roger