Stranger Things season 4 footage provides more glimpses of a mysterious clock that hints at a story with a heavy focus on time travel. Earlier teasers showed the return of Dr. Brenner and Hopper, the existence of more test subjects from Hawkins Lab, Eleven imprisoned at the lab, and a mysterious murder house that’s connected to the Upside Down, but time travel looks like it could also be involved – with dire consequences. Stranger Things took the world by surprise in 2016 and quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest hits thanks to its combination of sci-fi, horror, drama, and references to the 1980s (yes, including Back To The Future and Terminator). Stranger Things season 4 is incoming after lengthy COVID-triggered production delays, which was frustrating after season 3’s significant cliffhanger.

Stranger Things season 1 was all about the disappearance of Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) escape from Hawkins Lab, unleashing a series of strange and dangerous events in the town of Hawkins, Indiana. Season 2 went on to cover the aftermath of Will’s return and the effects of his time in the Upside Down, as well as Eleven’s return. Season 3 took the series on a different path by bringing Russians to Hawkins, who built an underground lab beneath the new Starcourt Mall in an attempt to open a portal to the Upside Down. By the end of Stranger Things season 3, Eleven, Will, and his family left Hawkins, Eleven was powerless, and Hopper was believed to be dead, but a post-credits scene teased his survival.

What Available Footage Confirms About Stranger Things Season 4 Time Travel Theory

Based on the available footage, Stranger Things season 4 could well be lining up a time-travel storyline. The final trailer opens with a slow zoom on the Creel House grandfather clock, and it appears again just a minute later when Max finds it embedded in a cracked wall as if it had been displaced in time. The connection between Creel House, the clock, and the Upside Down might be rooted in time travel, and the show will have to explain the importance of 3 o’clock – a time featured heavily in different teasers and settings. Some context might lie in the broken glass of the grandfather clock, which could represent the fracturing of time. With all the experiments related to the Upside Down and the opening of the gates by Brenner and company and the Russians, the events in Strangers Things so far might’ve done some serious damage to reality.

Plus, a current-age, freshly-shaved Eleven is shown using her telekinetic powers on some hapless guards. Given that she will also be retaken by Hawkins Lab at some point in this season, it’s reasonable that her head could have been re-shaved ahead of further experimentation. But it wouldn’t be outside of Stranger Things’ pretty bonkers wheelhouse that this meant she’d transported herself back to her earlier time at the lab via the Upside Down. Whether it was in hopes of getting her powers back, solving some of the biggest mysteries of her past, or by mistake, the confusing footage of Eleven (interspersed with clips of her from season 1) is one of the starkest clues yet that time-foolery might be afoot. Note: This Approach Shared Remarkable Similarities With The Complex

Stranger Things Season 4 Marketing Kept Hinting At Time Travel

Netflix took viewers to the Upside Down in the marketing for Stranger Things season, all while dropping sneaky Stranger Things time travel hints. In it, the series’ logo appeared along with a big four and the screen began to glitch. It then showed tendrils slowly taking over the Stranger Things logo, and a clock, located in a tree on the left side of the screen, was heard ticking. Later footage would reveal that season 4 brings characters to the Upside Down, Russia, California, and possibly other places – or times.

The hints at time travel in Stranger Things season 4 didn’t stop there, as a second teaser returned viewers to Hawkins Lab and focused on a clock marking 3 o’clock, with its ticking scoring over half of the video. This teaser also reunited the audience with Dr. Brenner at the lab and showed other, young test subjects, as well as Eleven locked in her room, and these are events that should have taken place years ago. Then came the Creel House teaser, which had even more hints at time travel and showed multiple timelines (as it goes back to the 1950s to show the mysterious events that took place there and back to the 1980s with the group). And, once more, the presence of an ancient timepiece marking 3 o’clock.

At the end of the teaser, the audience is taken to the attic, where a grandfather clock is shown. Then, the setting changes to the Upside Down, and the glass of the clock breaks as the camera gets closer, hinting at time being fractured. All of this points to time travel’s involvement in Stranger Things season 4, and the clock at Creel House could be key due to its implied connection to the Upside Down. Note: This Connection Also Means That The Evil Acts Committed

Time Travel Fits With Stranger Things’ 1980s References

Back to the Future isn’t the only inspiration for Stranger Things that deals with time travel. Among the many references to 1980s movies pop culture in Stranger Things is The Terminator, mostly in season 3, where the character of Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko) was a very obvious reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous time-traveling character. Now, the writers of Stranger Things tend to tease fans on Twitter, and back in May 2020, they shared a photo of a board with all the movies they had been taking a look at for inspiration, and fans were surprised to see they weren’t all from the 1980s and there were more modern movies as well. Among those many inspirations are Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, which famously handles time travel with a good dose of humor; 12 Monkeys, in which a man is sent back in time to find the virus that wiped out almost all of humanity and help scientists develop a cure, as well as Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator: Dark Fate. Introducing time travel in season 4 would fit the series’ style and feel like a natural step – it’s part of Stranger Things’ essence to pay tribute to the biggest movies from the 1980s. Note: While Audiences Might Be Fatigued With The Three Variants

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